About Latifa



Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum II (aka Sheikha Latifa Mohd Rashed Almaktoum, born 1985) is a member of the Dubai Royal Family as the daughter of the Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Hurya Ahmed Lamara from Algeria. Sheikha Latifa has two half-sisters with the same name (one older and one younger). She is the sister of Sheikha Maitha (1980), Sheikha Shamsa (1981), Sheikh Majid (1987).

On 4 March 2018, Princess Latifa, American/French national Hervé Jaubert and Finnish national Tiina Jauhiainen disappeared in the Indian ocean, while closing on Goa (India), on-board a US registered Yacht named ‘Nostromo’ with call sign WDG9847. In her voice mail to Radha Stirling, she in a panicked state said “Radha please help me, there are men outside” and that she had heard ‘gunshots’. She has not been heard of since. On March 11th, a video made by her before her escape attempt, that was supposed to be released in case her life was in danger during the ordeal, has since been made public. In this video she gives her family background and explains the circumstances leading to her decision, also accusing her father of sustaining death squads and killing members of the Royal Family.

On 3 March 2018, before the disappearance near the coast of India, Hervé Jaubert made contact with Indian journalist in preparation for the end of their journey.

Deputy Commandant Avinandan Mitra of Coast Guard of India denied knowledge of the event saying, “we have no such information or operation.” Indian Intelligence agencies said they were trying to verify the claims but refused to comment any further.

Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (KRP) confirmed the disappearance of Tiina Jauhiainen, the opening of an investigation in close collaboration with the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The brother of Miss Tiina Jauhiainen confirmed her friendship with Princess Latifa. A 39 minutes video testimony was released by an organisation called Detained In Dubai after Princess Latifa’s disappearance.

On 20 March 2018, Yatch ‘Nostromo’ was spotted at Port Fujairah and left the next day for an unknown destination.

On 22 March 2018, Princess Latifa’s companion Tiina Jauhiainen was found, prompting the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs to terminate its search in cooperation with Dubai authorities. The location where Tiina Jauhiainen was found and details of prior events were not shared officially but she returned from Dubai to Finland through London on the night of 22 March 2018 via an Emirates flight, according to her family.

A number of people were detained or interrogated in connection to the event in the UAE and in Oman. Most notable was the detention of Christian Elombo, a gym instructor in Oman at behest of UAE in late February 2018 for aiding the trio in their escape by covertly helping Sheikha Latifa cross into Oman from the UAE.