Donate Your Time

Donate Your Time

Take a few moments to imagine what life has been like for the Princess, who has been constantly monitored and denied basic human rights and refused permission to leave the country.

Life in a Dubai prison at the behest of her father for the audacity to try escape and live in freedom elsewhere.

Beaten and tortured for over 3 long years.

Where Is The Princess Now?

Knowing the suffering Princess Latifa II endured in the past, one can only imagine what she is suffering now. We are desperate to find out where she is and secure her freedom. With the Nostromo proven to have returned to the UAE our fear is that the Princess is there too, in the custody of the same authorities with an appalling human rights record and form for abusing and mistreating members of the Royal Family who refuse to conform to their wishes.

Not only the UAE authorities, but Sheikh Al Maktoum, whom Latifa says ordered her torture previously. Imagine what punishment he has ordered and what he is planning right now…

You Can Help

As part of the campaign, the Princess needs professionals to get involved and to help in raising awareness and challenge the information coming from the authorities in India and the UAE. This very website was designed and created free of charge but so much more is needed to be done.

So, we are asking anyone who can help to please contact us. We’re specifically asking the following professionals to get in touch.

  • Lawyers in the UK, France & Finland.
  • Documentary Film Makers
  • Human Rights Lawyers
  • Investigative Journalists
  • Artists
  • Activists
  • Online Marketing Professionals
  • PR & Media Companies
  • SEO Experts
  • Web Designers

How Else Can I Help?

Over and above the professional assistance Princess Latifa II needs, first and foremost her plight needs to be known. So the most important thing everyone can do is spread the word. Anyone can use their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #latifa to share the story of the missing Princess.

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