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This brand new, bespoke website was designed and built free of charge by Simon Macbeth from 121 Web Design. Simon and his expert team of developers and writers were honoured to be approached with the task of creating the Escape From Dubai website. All agreed it was a worthwhile cause and feel hugely privileged to have played just a small part in raising awareness of Princess Latifa’s plight.

Simon had this to say:

As soon as I was contacted to get involved on this project I was incredibly interested in working for such a brilliant cause that I truly believe in. I’m delighted that I could help out by offering my services to create such a platform. As you have to agree, situations like this simply shouldn’t happen and it doesn’t bear thinking about what poor Princess Latifa is going through, in addition to the awful things she has suffered.

For this reason, it’s an honour to be able to play a part in raising awareness of what this poor girl has endured and attempt to help locate her safely. I am thankful for the opportunity to get involved. I’ve always being delighted to undertake work on similar projects for good causes and feel it only right I waive any fees for me and the team’s services.

The team behind this site were overwhelmed by our gesture and kindness. They’ve explained how they truly appreciate all of the hard work that was put in to creating an effective site. It works so well and allows for their message to be spread around the globe.

Once again, I’m so proud I was able to help in this campaign and my only hope now is for a positive outcome for Princess Latifa.

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121 Web Design

Simon Macbeth founded 121 Web Design with a vision to create bespoke websites for small and medium sized businesses at fair, affordable prices.

Since it’s creation 121 Web Design have grown into a multi-talented team of specialists, meaning whatever web service a client may require, the 121 team have it covered.

However, Simon and his team’s main business is designing and developing websites, such as this one. Whether an established business or enterprising start up, 121 Web Design take time to thoroughly review and gain an in depth understanding of their client’s requirements, so they can build a low cost, while effective and fantastic website. The core goal of 121 Web Design is to exceed the client’s expectations.

Once the website project is completed, 121 Web Design use the knowledge they’ve learned about the client during the Design and Development phases to understand their promotional and marketing needs.

After all, what use is a website if nobody knows it exists???

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An Award Winning Web Design Company

The professionals at 121 Web Design are extremely proud to have won the award as ‘Best Low-Cost Web Design’ in the UK for 6 consecutive years. From 2013 through to 2018, this award has been bestowed on them by Web Design Review. They provide honest reviews of Web Design, SEO and Hosting agencies from all over the UK and rank the top 10 in each category.

The 121 Web Design ethos is that when a client’s website succeeds it is a reflection of their own success. Simon and his team simply love seeing happy, satisfied customers.

Many of these customers have left terrific feedback on their experience of working with Simon and his Leeds based team. These customer testimonials can be read here

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About Simon Macbeth

Simon Macbeth of Leeds founded 121 Web Design and has seen the company grow year on year. In addition to helping client’s Simon has also written a novel which documents his business escapades and some aspects of his personal life.

The book, ‘Too Tired To Play Games’ is available on Amazon. Like any self-respecting web designer and author, Simon also has his own website, which contains snippets of his autobiography. Visit to read all about Simon’s life and times.